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What Type Of Material Should You Choose For Your Garage Door?

A garage door needs attention and care to be chosen because they are available in enormous size, design, and style. There is a variety of garage doors to choose from. You should choose the one with proper care and attention which will complement other details of your garage door. Once you choose the right garage door, you will have to consult someone professional like, Pro Garage Door Indianapolis which will help you to install a garage door along with advanced features to make it safer, easy to use, convenient, and energy-efficient for many years.  

Materials of garage doors:

Standard garage doors are made of steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Let me explain them in detail one by one: 

Wooden garage door: The traditional material found in old homes is wood. It is a durable, strong material that can withstand bouncing balls and bumps. It should be re-painted and re-polished to maintain its looks. You will have to perform regular garage door maintenance to keep it looking nice. The longevity of the wood garage door depends on the climate conditions and how well they are maintained.

Steel garage door: They are strong, cheap, and durable garage doors as compared to the wood garage doors which need little maintenance services. They will also offer good insulation features. For the best result, choose a dent-resistant, rust-resistant with a fiberglass overlay. These garage doors can be designed in such a way to replicate the look of wood to give your home an appealing look within a limited budget. 

Aluminum garage door: Modern aluminum garage doors offer dent-resistant panels along with heavy-duty frames. It is a dent and rust-resistant material that need little maintenance to be kept functional. It is a lightweight material which is a good choice for big-sized double garage doors that won’t stress the operating mechanism. 

Fiberglass garage door: Fiberglass garage doors are durable, flexible, and easy to maintain which have good insulation properties. They can give you a look at wood without demanding high upkeep services. It is a strong and long-lasting material that is also resistant to dents.

What you want in your new garage door:

  • Longevity: Modern garage doors come with warranties to offer up to 10 years of services. Although garage door replacement is a costly project, you should not have to do so. All types of garage doors are available from cheap to expensive.

  • Insulation properties: A garage door is the main source of loose energy from your home. Modern garage doors are more energy-efficient due to good insulation features. Insulation quality is measured in R-values. Installing an insulated garage door depends on the climate conditions where you live.
  • Safety features: Nowadays people are automatic garage doors with electric garage door openers so the risk of things and people getting crushed under closing garage door is significantly less. Thanks to the auto-reverse mechanism and other safety devices.

An overhead garage door is a worthy investment to boost the value of your home. With a range of materials, designs, and sizes to choose from, you can easily find one to be fit to your budget and preferences.