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Different Types of Garage Door Springs

A garage door repair project can be extremely hard without a proper understanding of the important components of the garage door especially the torsion springs.

These springs are a necessary part of the garage door operating system as they help the garage door in the opening and closing operations and reduce the stress on the actual garage door opener and motor. On average, the garage door is used 2 times a day. It means that 700 times a year, the garage door is opened and closed. To keep your garage door functioning smoothly, it is important to inspect the garage door springs periodically. These springs are placed under intense pressure and tension at all times due to which they will become dangerous if they get damaged. If you are not sure what is going wrong with your garage door springs, consult a professional garage door service provider like, Coweta County garage door spring repair to deal with your garage door.

There are two types of springs which are known as torsion and extension springs. Both of them are highly efficient but dangerous which need to be understood properly before undergoing any garage door repair task. Each type of spring works in a different way which you need to understand. These springs need different parts and designs to make sure that your garage door will function effectively and efficiently.

Garage door torsion springs are normally located on a rod right above the garage door opening. There are normally two springs that are separated by the centerpiece of the torsion spring.

These springs are used on a heavy garage door to lift or lower either manually or automatically using an electric garage door opener. These springs have a specific life cycle of 7 to 10 years depending on how well they are taken care of. If one of them gets damaged, you should change both at the same time because the good one will also go bad sooner.

Garage door extension springs are placed on the right and left sides of the garage door along with the tracks. These springs are easier and safer to adjust and replace than torsion springs. But there are still safety risks associated with the job. These springs also hold intense strain and pressure which can hurt or kill you.

It should be relatively easy to determine what type of operating spring system is used with your garage door by just inspecting it thoroughly. It is strongly recommended that use professional garage door services to handle the task of garage door spring replacement. There is a lot of safety risks associated with this job and unless you really don’t know what you are doing, you should use the services of a professional and certified garage door technician.