Dover Came To Me was created by a group of locals and businessmen in the town of Dover in London. 19 years ago, these people planned on making a business together but it never started because of their own companies and the businesses that they handle. However, a few months after their failed plan, they came up again with a new idea that is connected and associated with their own town. A year after that, Dover Came To Me was created. It served as a travel and tour company for the people who only wanted to know more about the town. But as the time passed by, the company started to improve their services and featured new things in their business.

Dover Came To Me. london, about us

These businessmen knew the beauty of this town and so are the locals living here and that’s why creating this website was really helpful.. Now, many people rely on us because they know how we help tourists with the accommodations, tour guides, and other information we can provide. We are more than glad that people love our services and that they also thank us for doing such services for them.

Our main purpose for creating this website is to let other people know the great things and places in Dover, but apart from that, our mission is to give the visitors of our town and the tourists the satisfaction as they come to our place. We are proud to showcase many beautiful places here and we are happy to help a lot of people with their accommodations here. It truly is good that little by little, our town is slowly getting more and more attention from various people. We hope that we all continue to be interested in this town and pay a visit from time to time.