Hi, I heard that I can also see Dover town’s history on this website as well? Can you tell me where can I see it and how?

Hello, thank you for visiting our website. For that matter, we’re glad that you are interested in the history of our town. To see the information you need, visit the ‘history’ section in the menu. You will see various places there just like in the tourist attraction section, however, in the history tab, there are more detailed and informative facts.

I’m new to this website and I actually am not familiar with this town as well. Can you tell me where can I see details about the tourist spots of this place before I decide to spend my vacation here?

We appreciate that you want to know more about the town and that you want to consider spending your vacation here. If you want to see the tourist spots of our town, you can go to the ‘tourist attractions’ section where you will see various places that will definitely catch your attention. However, if you want to learn more about the town and need more informative details, you can try going to the ‘history’ section where you don’t just get to see the tourist spots but you’ll get to know more about the history of this town too.

My friend recommended this website because she already visited Dover. I wonder how I can contact you to ask you about the partnerships with many companies in that town? Can I also meet the staff of your company personally?

You can contact us and ask anything by sending us a message through the emails that were given in the contact section. Yes, you may also make an appointment with our staff to meet us personally. Just send us your message and we’ll make sure to respond as soon as possible.